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Skateboarding – Its Eco-Friendly Effects May Surprise You

Skateboarding is known as an eco-friendly way of life. Research showed that this way to deal with skating society may have some environmental advantages.

There is an ever-increasing number of people commuting to work or school by skateboard each day. Why is it a green means of transport? Keep scrolling down to know the reasons.

Origin Of Skateboarding Culture

Skateboarding - Its Eco-Friendly Effects May Surprise You

Skateboarding – A new trend

Everything started during the 1950s when skaters concocted a plan to utilize wheels produced using earth to stick to the deck and afterward riding through numerous corners in the new town in California.

Be that as it may, in the past ages, skating has been laced with natural adjustments.

Before, some pools in South California were dry because of the extreme dry spell. However, it seemed to be a blessing in disguise. A new sport was born after the effect of the calamity.

Numerous individuals exploited these neglected pools to transform into places for riding. And after a short time, we had numerous new riding strategies.

Throughout a few years, skating has altered from a road action for youngsters to a fantastic activity during the 90s and even turned into a substitute for the ordinary means of transportation. What’s more, presently, it became a crowd-pleaser regardless of ages or genders.

On the off chance that you want to start the skateboarding journey, the first thing you need to do is purchase quality skateboards for beginners.

Raw Materials Of A Skateboard

You know the way to make a skateboard remained unchanged in the 90s, and the main material in this manufacturing process is wood. They don’t require as many materials as other vehicles like bikes and motorbikes. And obviously, the system is considerably less costly and refined.

Moreover, skateboarding is also popular with many skateboard brands that you can buy for yourself. This is a wonderful invention of transportation, especially in the gridlock.

The maple trees in Canada develop gradually and manufacture wood which is solid yet adaptable and hard to break – ideal for skateboards. They are often made of seven coats of the facade, yet just the lower portion of these trees can be utilized for the creation.

Skateboarding - Its Eco-Friendly Effects May Surprise You

Maple trees

Why Is Skateboarding Environmentally-Friendly?

Skateboarding is a useful means of transport and friendly with the environment. It is also the reason why more and more people start using this tool.

Reduce Exhaust Fume

Using skateboards instead of motorbikes and cars can reduce the amount of exhaust fumes from other vehicles, which is a direct cause of global warming. And therefore, it helps to protect the environment all around the world.

As one of the top techniques for transportation, the real demonstration of skating itself is maintainable. Our companions use skateboards to class or to work and offer fewer fossil fuel byproducts than our peers who drive.

Skateboarding - Its Eco-Friendly Effects May Surprise You 2

Exhausted Fume

Moreover, processing skateboards utilizes fewer materials than assembling bicycles. And if you master its techniques, skating can be quicker than driving on a bike.

Protect The Ocean

As a statistic of WWF, disbanded and broken fishing nets are the main component which are answerable for plastic waste floating in the sea surface.

Some companies in Chile produce skateboards from these nets by operating intimately with nearby residents to give a boosted program to gather, freshen, categorize, and reuse these nets to be utilized for their skateboards.

Skateboarding - Its Eco-Friendly Effects May Surprise You 3

Plastic waste

Another example is an organization in Dutch. They use some wasted bottles to make skateboards, and all of them are made with special designs.

Particularly, these bottles are shredded, let in an ordered shape, and then undergone a unique process. After a short time, they turn into a piece, and people cut it into some skateboards.

The opposite side of Skateboarding

The producing industry of skateboards is one of the main causes of maple deforestation.

Deforestation is a significant ecological issue; it causes annihilation of natural surroundings by destroying neighborhood plants and creatures.

The deficiency of trees then, at that point builds soil disintegration. Since the maple tree takes around 40 to 60 years to develop, deforestation incredibly diminishes the number of the maple tree in Canada.


Just as messing around with skateboards, there is a great deal of potential to skateboards that can be a sustainable product.

It is believed that skateboarding is one of the most environmentally-friendly means of transport and activities. It also becomes more and more popular with young people and children because they can use it to relax after a hard-working day.

Skateboarding is sometimes faster than biking and can protect our environment. It reduces air pollution, traffic accidents and the amount of bottles, plastic waste that is floating on the surface of the ocean. Moreover, it is also useful, especially during the peak hours.

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