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Hey Beginner Skateboarders: Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes!

As a beginner, you often search for what you should do to learn skateboarding at the entry level. However, have you ever thought about finding common mistakes to avoid while practicing new tricks?

Knowing the mistakes of others and taking out your own lessons will minimize the risks of wasting your time or dangerous accidents. In this article, we mention 7 mistakes the rookie skaters make that you need to know.

Get Started With Wrong Gear

Hey Beginner Skateboarders: Don't Make These 7 Mistakes!

You Won’t Go Far In The Game With The Wrong Gear

If you are new to skateboarding, you will find it incredibly confusing to pick up a board and end up choosing a random piece – typically, something cheap and basic. Never make such a light-hearted decision! Choosing the wrong hero decks poses risks of accidents.

Speaking from our experience, it’s quite hard to find a skateboard that suits your physique, weight, foot size, preferred riding styles, and references in the first place. You might have to go through different options before getting your hands on the best skateboard for beginners.

That said, you can narrow down your list by considering offerings from good skateboard brands as they are more likely to help you start off on the right foot.

Practice All By Yourself

mistake beginner make

Practice by yourself

What inspires you to practice skateboarding and new tricks? Some rookies we know shared that they decided to jump on the bandwagon after watching some cool videos. Thus, they bought a board right away and brought it out to practice with the help of online tutorials.

It is OK to start that way. Nonetheless, you might begin improperly with dangerous falls lurking and waiting for you to make a mistake.

Why don’t you practice with a friend who knows the ins and outs of the tricks you want to learn? He or she can guide you through all the basics, such as having the right stance on the deck.

Skip Learning Basic Movements

Hey Beginner Skateboarders: Don't Make These 7 Mistakes! 2

Do Not Skip The Basics!

Many people say that you should learn the Ollie because it is the gateway to all tricks. Thus, you might go right into that trick and hit all the stair handrails!

However, you cannot master Ollie without having a solid foundation of balance, turning, stopping, and some technical tricks, such as heels and kickflips.

Once these basic movements become your second nature, you can practice turns and increase speed. And it’s time to embark on new tricks as follows:

  • Ride switch

  • Drop-ins

  • Manuals

  • Kick turns

  • Tic-Tac

  • Basic Ollie

  • 180 Ollie

  • Boardslide

  • Rock to Fakie

Try To Learn Complicated Tricks

mistake beginner make 4

Complicated turns

When you practice new tricks, you have to consider and choose the right one to start. However, like many beginners, you might feel it’s tempting to copy cool tricks on viral videos.

It is a big mistake that can lead to injuries. For instance, there is no use trying the big frontside spin without knowing frontside shuvits. Never push yourself too hard!

Inconsistent Foot Stance

Hey Beginner Skateboarders: Don't Make These 7 Mistakes!

What Is Your Stance?

Balance, when you stand on the boards, is the key to success at the beginning level. The more comfortable you ride around with the board, the more confident you bring yourself to the next level.

At that time, you have to determine your stance – regular or goofy. If you stand regularly, your left foot is in front of the right foot. Otherwise, your stance is goofy.

The mistake of many new skateboarders is that they cannot find out their stance and change it several times while riding the board. It puts them at a higher risk of executing wrong techniques and having accidents.

Here is an easy tip to figure out your favorite footstep: Ask your friend to shove gently from behind. Which foot you step out first will reveal your stance.

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Let The Fear Of Falling Get The Best Of You

You might fall several times a day when you practice skating as a beginner.

Falling from skateboard

Falling from skateboard

However, not all beginners can overcome the fear of getting hurt while jumping and learning new tricks. It deludes your mind and distracts you from what you should be doing with the board.

When you mentally set yourself up for the tricks, the risks of falling and failure are kept to a minimum. Keep in mind some tips below while you’re on the board:

  • Understanding your stance and preferences – the skating styles and levels.

  • Setting the right foundation.

  • Learning a proper way to fall to reduce injuries.

  • Wearing safety gear like helmet and padding.

Not Enjoy The Game

mistake beginner make 7

Skateboard with friends

You might start skating after seeing a viral video. Nonetheless, only when you enjoy this sport can you continue practicing and level up your game.

Give yourself a break if you feel frustrated easily after falling, and start again when you feel more relaxed. Also, do not go practicing alone. You can join a club for beginners or invite your friend to go with you.

Final Words

We all make mistakes when learning new things, and skateboard tricks are no exception. You will want to take lessons from the mistakes and prepare yourself first. The most important tip is to truly enjoy the game and be confident whenever you set your foot on the board.

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