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Get These Questions To Feel Comfortable When Kids Skateboard

Skateboarding is an extreme sport as young people love to enjoy it when they have free time.

However, as a parent, do you worry when your child skateboards?

The answer is definitely yes. Therefore, you should refer to the questions that parents are sure to ask about skateboarding.

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Which Age Is Suitable For Skateboarding?

Guarantee suitable age for going skateboarding

Guarantee suitable age for going skateboarding

There are some ranges of ages to skateboarding, and some are not allowed. Let’s check the information below:

  • Kids under five years old are not allowed to skateboarding because of dangers.

  • Kids from 6 to 10 years old need the supervision of adults when they go skateboarding.

Children under the age of 10 do not or need supervision because they have:

  • Poor balance and do not know how to adjust the center of gravity

  • Slower reaction and poor coordination

  • Inarticulate skill and less experienced in the judgment of speed and traffic

For those reasons, only children who are over ten years old can comfortably skateboard. If your kids are from 6 to 10 years old, you must supervise the playing process.

Which Risks Do People Face In Skateboarding?

There are many causes of injuries, and the most common are loss of balance, loss of speed control, etc.

Accidents when skateboarding

As a result, you can face the risks as below:

  • Injuries of the arms, legs, neck, trunk range like sprains, strains, broken bones, wrist fractures, etc.

  • Facial and head injuries, etc.

Although there are many risks, if you can still ensure your safety, you know how to minimize the risks.

How Do You Skateboarding With The Best Protection?

Get These Questions To Feel Comfortable When Kids Skateboard 2

Full protective gears

Actually, skateboarding will be a safe sport if you know how to increase your safety. At this point, a full set of protective gear will do the trick, including:

  • Helmet: Need to fit your head properly for the best protection.
  • Wrist guards: Reduce the risk of broken bone when falling.
  • Knee pads/Elbow pads: Lower cuts and scrapes’ severity, and also limit gravel burns.
  • Shoes with closed-toe form: For anti-slip.
  • Goggles: Reduce getting dust or other stuff into the eyes.

This sport also requires your kids to perform accurate techniques and follow safety standards. If you can guarantee three of these factors, you can reduce the risk to the lowest rate.

What Benefits Of Health Do Your Kids Get When Skateboarding?

Skateboarding brings many social skills for kids

Skateboarding brings many social skills for kids

Like many other sports, the benefits of skateboarding primarily are health improvement. Moreover, it builds the skills for your kid, including:

  • Balance skill

  • Speed controlling skill

  • Observing skill

  • Solving problem skill

On the other hand, the best thing it brings is confidence and effort. Your kids will be more self-confident because they need to overcome the fear of falling.

How Can Your Kid Skateboarding Professionally?

Get These Questions To Feel Comfortable When Kids Skateboard 3

Professional skateboarding

To skateboard professionally and become advanced skaters, your children need to attend practice sessions at some skate school to get the best skills and experience. There are some skateboard coaches who teach them accurate techniques and improve their performance.

In addition, your kids are required to have good equipment to ensure that the skill performance process reaches the best state.

And more importantly, a high-quality skateboard is a must for your child to start their journey. If you’re wondering where to find proper gear, let’s check out the Top 13+ Best Skateboard For Kids.

Is Skateboarding Considered As A Vehicle For Your Kids?

Yes, it is. If the distance from your home to school is short, you can let your kids use the skateboard.

However, it is necessary to consider the risk of using it as a vehicle and make sure your kids understand the traffic and skating rules.

Which Places Are The Most Suitable For Skateboarding?

Get These Questions To Feel Comfortable When Kids Skateboard 4

A skatepark

The best place to skateboard is a skatepark. This place has all the elements for you to practice this extreme sport. For example, the slopes are designed specifically for dropping in.

Especially, the skatepark is spacious enough for your children to freely perform their tricks without making pedestrians annoying.

If your kids have just had their first taste of skateboarding, you can consider a flat and even ground for their simple practice.

Is Skateboarding Suitable For A Girl?

Is Skateboarding Suitable For A Girl

Skateboard is open for all genders

Skateboarding welcomes all genders, so girls can play it freely. In fact, girls often feel afraid of this sport, but not all.

You won’t have to worry if you have a daughter who wants to skateboard because there are many successful female skateboarders. Some female players even play professionally and participate in competitions or the Olympics.

Is There Any Competition For Skateboarding To Join?

Skateboarding is one of the popular sports, so the number of competitions is not as small as people think.

Competitions will be a great place to socialize and learn. It is also an opportunity to show off your kids’ skills after days of practice.

You can find information about competitions through your local skateboarding community or Skate team. Besides, you can check them widely available on the Internet.

Get These Questions To Feel Comfortable When Kids Skateboard 5


Final Thoughts

These are questions you, as a parent, often ask about skateboarding. If your children are looking to play this sport, you should consider the above factors carefully. You can have an objective view of this extreme sport and reduce anxiety when your kids play it.

Hopefully, you will get more useful information from this article.

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