Tight Trucks Vs Loose Trucks – Which Is The Most Suitable For You?

tight trucks vs loose trucks

There is always a never-ending debate among skateboarders around the topic of tight trucks vs loose trucks.

However, this topic has no exact answer because each type has different suitability. Depending on your skating style and experience, you can decide whether to use tight vs loose trucks.

Hence, let’s scroll down below! After checking, you will understand the difference between these two and have the answer to the question: what is better: loose or tight trucks?

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Differences Between Tight Trucks Vs Loose Trucks

Tight Trucks

The tightness results from the wheel-hub adjustment, and you only need a 14mm wrench to do so.

You can find a single bolt on the backside of the skateboard, between the wheels. So, for tightening, turn this bolt clockwise.

tight vs loose trucks

Tight trucks


It limits the mobility of the wheel hubs, thereby providing features such as enhanced stability, speed, balance, etc.

For example, if you skateboard with tighter trucks, you can reduce the risk of hitting the wrong direction when you increase the speed.

Besides, one of the vital features is stability. As you begin to get acquainted with the basic techniques, you need a more stable skateboard. In contrast, you are easily startled and fall off if the skateboard is unsteady and shaky.

You can also handle the impact better with the tightness. When the skateboard impacts other obstacles, you can reduce the risk of falling out.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, you should start with tighter trucks, for they offer features that help you stay safe while giving you more control over the board.

Pros & Cons


  • Greater stability
  • Effectively regulating speed
  • Better impact management
  • Suitable for flip tricks


  • Slightly rigid when landing
  • Lack of flow and manageability
  • Inflexible in turning
  • Hard to control the balance of the manuals and grinds

Loose trucks

You only need to turn the bolt counterclockwise to loosen it. You should turn the bolt twice and check the heel hub once to ensure it reaches the accurate level of loosening you want.

tight or loose skateboard trucks

Loose trucks


Loose trucks bring you beneficial features contrary to tight ones, such as improved flow and manageability, ease of wearing off, best quality for locking in the grind, etc.

For instance, it provides more flow and manageability. You need these features to control the board more fluently and make skateboarding smooth.

Moreover, when you perform a trick, the loose one helps you easily roll away. This action reduces the risk of getting into accidents and falling.

Many riders also consider loose trucks for easily balancing manuals and grinds. So, you can perform these tricks with a high success rate.

Pros & Cons


  • Improved flow and manageability
  • High-quality locking into the grind
  • Easy to wear off while performing tricks
  • Easy to control the balance of the manuals and grinds


  • Requires great experience in control
  • Prone to injury
  • Slightly wobble when increased speed
  • Wheel bite

Tight Or Loose Trucks – Which One Should You Choose?

When To Tighten Up

You may want to tighten up since the loose ones bring you more harmful factors.

As you increase speed, the loose one creates wobble conditions and makes it harder to have high performance. Thus, make sure you know how to handle such situations while using them.

loose trucks vs tight trucks

Skateboard tightening

If not, you need to tighten it up for better stability that helps you avoid collisions.

Imagine when you drop down the ramp at 30 mph with your wobbled body by loose trucks. What is going to happen?

Also, it is advisable to experience tight skateboard trucks first if you are a beginner. You easily control the skateboard thanks to the tightness and high stability.

When practicing dropping down from a vert ramp or downhill, you need to adjust it tighter. Then, you can land more stable, and it reduces the risk of getting injuries.

Besides, to know the best fit for you, you should test it bit by bit. Surely you can find the suitable tightness after just a few adjustments.

In short, you should tighten up when:

  • Lacking skateboarding experience
  • Hard to control the balance
  • Drop down the ramp or try some skills for the first time.

When To Loosen Up

In many situations, tightness is not suitable. If you have to press on the skateboard’s tail to change direction frequently, you should loosen the truck in a new effective way.

what is better loose or tight trucks

Tighten or loosen up

The reason is that they limit the wheel’s rotation ability and reduce flexibility when you change direction.

Flexibility helps you quickly determine the distance between the current position and the obstacles. As a result, you just need a slight tilt to make the skateboard change direction, and you easily avoid the impacts.

Also, when you get used to skateboarding, you will want to improve your speed and increase the smoothness of your movements. So, you need the loose ones.

Although it’s not advisable for newbies, you can get used to it from the beginning. The more experience you have with a loose one, the easier it will be to improve your skills and reach a higher level. However, you should guarantee to have enough energy and mental strength to overcome the difficulties that this type brings.

In short, you should loosen up if you want to:

  • Improving the speed and smoothness of performance
  • Changing direction easily
  • Challenging yourself with harder mods
  • Being more flexible in performing advanced techniques


At this moment, do you already know who is the winner in the battle between tight trucks vs loose trucks?

The fact that a winner is the type that gives you the most benefits. Therefore, depending on your preferences, you should choose to tighten or loosen the trucks to support you the best.

Please rely on the features and pros and cons analysis above to determine between the two types.

And hopefully, you can have a great time and become more professional by using it.

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