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How To Drop In On A Skateboard? – A Complete Guide To Succeed

Skateboarding beginners often look for guidelines on how to drop in on a skateboard.

The reason is that “dropping in” is one of the basic skills in skateboarding. By mastering it, you will easily get used to and start practicing with other advanced skills.

Therefore, if you are looking for such a guideline, you should figure this article out and start your own dropping in.

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Step-By-Step Guide To Drop In On A SkateBoard

Advanced players are no strangers to this skill. But as a novice, you should get to know it before practicing.

What Is Dropping In?

how to drop in on a skateboard


Dropping in is a movement like dropping a skateboard from a high position, and it is the classic drop in this sport. You need to find a skatepark, a slope, or any similar terrain to do this move. The best terrain for a dropping-in is a skateboard ramp.

When you drop in, you’ll start at the skate ramp’s top edge and then slide down by the curve of the terrain.

This slide in the ramp surface will help the skateboarder increase and ensure enough speed for the techniques you can perform next.

You should only start dropping in when used to it and can control the skateboarding process at a normal speed on the ground. When dropping in, if you are not familiar with casual speeds, you can face failures easily.

Besides, a great skateboard also affects the success of a dropping-in, so you can try the best cruiser skateboards to increase the rate.

Guide For Dropping In

Here is the step process of the drop-in. You should read the quick steps tutorial below carefully for success in performing it.

Step 1: Ready for a dropping in

how to drop in on a skateboard for the first time

The first step of dropping in

At this step, you need to set up a dropping-in. It is necessary to place the skateboard’s tail on the edge of skateboard ramps. To prevent the skateboard from drifting down, you have to put one foot on it (only one).

It is advisable to put your dominant foot on the skateboard (the dominant foot is often the right foot). The reason is that when you make dropping-in, the dominant foot can help control and balance easily.

To best prepare for a dropping-in, you should lean forward slightly to create the initiative for the next step of shifting your weight.

Step 2: Shifting your weight

how to drop skateboard

The second step of dropping in

When you stand and put your weight on your right foot (dominant foot/front foot), you will shift your weight by stepping up with your back foot.

You will face balance problems if you put your back foot too close to the front of the skateboard. Therefore, the advice is not to make a huge step. It should be just enough to make the foot and the front of the skateboard still have a certain distance left.

At that moment, your back foot touches the skateboard. You are also pushing yourself forward a little. As a result, you have been shifting your weight.

Step 3: Dropping in

how to do a drop in on a skateboard

The third step of dropping in

This step is important in deciding the success or failure of a dropping-in.

Once you’re sure to shift your weight, both of your legs need to be down at the same time. It ensures that most of your body weight is forward.

Lowering the knee is also a basic technical factor to keep balance and control speed.

You should pay attention to only putting your weight on the front leg, and you need to stand in the correct posture. Keeping your upper body in the center will ensure balance and avoid the risk of falling before the slide.

You can lean over, but it shouldn’t be too much as it will affect your dropping-in.

Step 4: Control and keep ride away

how to drop on a skateboard

The final step of dropping in

You feel the speed and balance in the dropping-in and get used to the techniques.

With two to three tries, you can take a drop-in. However, mastering takes time, and remember the techniques mentioned above because you certainly won’t want failure to happen.

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Tips For Making A Dropping In

After checking our drop-in guide, you should apply the advanced skateboarding trick below to increase the success rate.

Determine the line before dropping in

You should determine the direction of the skateboard when dropping in to avoid disorientation. It is necessary to do before performing, and this orientation creates a suitable condition for other movements.

Feel comfortable

You should be as relaxed as possible. The pressure will make you forget techniques or make it difficult to control the speed and balance. Thus, it is advisable to drop without hesitation.

Moreover, the secret about skateboarding is always confidence. It is the primary key factor for success in skateboarding, especially with basic movements like dropping in.

Dropping-in is different from your slide on flat ground because it has difficult factors that you will face, such as altitude, faster speed, higher risk of falling, etc.

All you need is confidence to overcome the nasty fear, and as a result, you can achieve it.

Accurate techniques

Technical mastery is a basic requirement. To successfully drop in, the techniques of skateboarding take 80% of the success rate.

how to drop in on a skateboard

A successful drop-in

Final Thoughts

It is not difficult if you understand how to drop in on a skateboard.

You just need to follow step by step, pay attention to the tips, and especially have great confidence. With just those factors, you can successfully make a dropping-in. Good luck!

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