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How To Remove Grip Tape From A Skateboard? – Simple Instructions

If you own a skateboard, eventually, you will need to know how to remove grip tape from a skateboard. With time, your grip tape will get dirty and fail to provide sufficient grip for you to pull off tricks.

We will show you how to do the task in a few simple steps.

how to remove grip tape from skateboard

Torn, Worn, Loose Grip Tape Is Not Safe For Skating

How To Take Grip Tape Off A Skateboard

Follow these steps and you can successfully remove the grip tape off your board.

Step 1: Take Off The Trucks

The first thing you need to do is to remove the skateboard trucks.

This step is not compulsory, though we highly recommend it. The reason is that taping over the mounting screw (you would want to tape a new sheet over your deck after finishing removing the old tape, wouldn’t you?) can create bubbles.

Taping over the truck mount holes is fine, on the other hand, since you can drill a hole through the tape.

Of course, there are tricks to remove those air bubbles, like using push pins. Regardless of your choice, you will find that having the screws out is convenient when you need to replace your bearings.

To remove the trucks, you need to prepare a skateboard tool, screwdriver, or socket wrench. Be careful to keep the nuts and bolts together in a secured place to not lose them. Looking around for missing nuts and bolts is the real nuisance.

how to remove grip tape from a skateboard

Remove The Trucks Save You Some Effort Down The Road

Step 2: Lift The Edge Of The Grip Tape

Grip tape can become worn and torn, but it rarely falls off on its own. Do not attempt to remove the entire grip tape at once, but pull a piece of grip tape at a time.

There are two ways you can deal with the adhesive of grip tape, which are to use a hairdryer or alcohol.

Using a hairdryer is the most popular option since it is likely to be found in any household. Use the hairdryer to blow at the edge of the tape. The heat helps melt the adhesive; thus, it is easier to peel the tape off.

Another way to rid the tape off the board is to use alcohol, such as isopropyl. Pour alcohol into a towel and repeatedly dab it at the tape until it loses its stickiness.

how to take grip tape off skateboard

Rubbing Alcohol Can Loosen The Edge Of The Grip Tape

If you choose to use alcohol, remember that it can hurt you and damage your skateboard deck if used in a large amount. Wear protective gloves while working with any chemical.

Also, do not apply it to your board for too long. Since higher board quality can withstand more chemical and physical conditions, we recommend these top 10 best skateboard brands.

When the adhesive becomes loosened enough, slide a razor blade, a knife, or any flat blade under the edge of the tape. Do it slowly and surely to not scratch the deck surface, or worse, hurt yourself.

how to remove grip tape skateboard

You Can Use A File Instead Since Razor Blade Breaks Easily

Step 3: Peel Off The Tape

Once you can lift the edge of the tape, pull the tape with care. It will not come off all at once. Apply heat/alcohol where needed before pulling.

Step 4: Remove Excess Grip Tape

Use the razor blade to scrape off grip tape residue. Make sure you do it as thoroughly as you can to ensure the quality of the new tape. Do not worry too much about leftover tape since you will be putting a new grip tape over it.

The grip tape of high-quality skateboards might take longer to remove. If you are new to skating and want to know more, here are the best skateboard for adult beginners.

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Why Do You Need To Replace The Grip Tape?

The styles of grip tape make the first impression, if not the whole appearance, of skateboards. Old, dirty and scratched grip tape renders your board unattractive regardless of the new and expensive wheels you have just got.

how to remove grip tape off a skateboard

Grip Tape Is The Cloth Of The Skateboard

If you live for the style and the fashion, you do not even need to wait until your grip tape shows signs of wear and tear to replace it. Regularly changing the look makes for a fun and refreshing skating experience.

Other than the aesthetic purpose, the grip tape is there so the skaters can grip more firmly to the board. Having a worn grip tape makes it slippery and unsafe to skate.

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Useful Tips And Other Precautions

In addition to the instruction above, we also want to address some concerns that skaters have:

Using Fire

Some people use fire and find that the tape comes off easily. Yet, direct heat from a fire can damage your board and leave behind burnt streaks that cannot erase. Not to mention fire is hard to control. You don’t want to deal with fire hazards while getting rid of the tape.

Workstation And Work Cloth

Removing the grip tape is a dirty job. Wear old clothing that you do not mind getting some dirt/adhesive on or becoming damaged.

Taping Over The Old Grip Tape

We do not recommend putting the new tape over the old tape. The new tape would not adhere properly to the board and will come loose easily. Fixing this problem would be more time-consuming and cost-ineffective than removing the grip tape in the first place.


Learning how to remove grip tape from skateboard is useful since you will have to do it from time to time. Worn grip tape is a common issue with skateboard lovers.

There is more than one way you can do grip tape removal, but we provide you with the best possible methods tested and succeeded. Best of luck!

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