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What does mm mean on skateboard trucks? Let’s break confusion

Have you ever been to the skatepark and wondered what does mm means on skateboard trucks? That two small letters “MM” is more important than you think it is. If you are confused, you are not alone. Consider a beautiful day, the rhythmic clatter of wheels on concrete, and staters performing incredible stunts. That’s when you realize, ‘MM’. It’s the key to unleashing skateboarding’s full potential. In this fast read, we will discuss many things about “MM” on the skateboard trucks, and by the end of the blog, hopefully, you will get most of your answers. 

What does mm mean on skateboard trucks?

“MM” on the skateboard trucks refers to the measurement of the hanger’s width in millimeters. it is a crucial detail in choosing the right trucks for your skateboard.

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Precision Turns Ahead 

So, you are at the skatepark, soaking in the gnarly moves, and you can’t help but notice those two mysterious letters, “MM” etched into skateboard trucks. Are they some secret skater code, you might wonder?

“MM” stands for millimeters and in the world of skateboarding, it is all about the hanger width of your trucks. The hander is the T-shaped part of the truck that holds your wheels and its width plays a pivotal role in your ride. 

Now, why does it matter? skateboard trucks come in various hanger widths usually ranging from 129mm to 169 mm. The width you choose affects your board’s stability, turning radius, and overall performance. Wider hangers provide more stability, great for ramp and transition skaters, while narrower hangers offer the quickest turns and ideas for street skaters like me. 

Picking the right hanger width can be a game changer like finding the perfect pizza with topping. However, it is more of a personal choice to make. If you are shredding the streets, you might opt for the nimble 129 mm trucks but if you are the vert ramp junkie, 149mm or even the wider option would be your best match.

How Do You Read Skateboard Truck Sizes?

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Grind Like Pro

Reading skateboard truck sizes might sound like those complex issues that we avoid but it is as easy as we choose the right fit t-shirt for us. Here’s the lowdown– when you see those mysterious numbers, like 129mm, 149 mm, or 169mm, it is not a morse code that spies use. It is the hanger width of the trucks. These familiar hangers hold our skateboard wheels. 

Now let’s break it down, wider trucks (150 mm and up) give more stability that can be used as a training board for many beginners. These are also best for bombing hills or crushing vert ramps, they are like Chuck Norris of stake trucks, LOL. 

On the flip side, narrower trucks (129mm to 144 mm) are like that nimble ninja, perfect for the agility needed in street skating. They make tight turns a breeze, letting you weave through the urban jungle. 

The Role of ‘MM’ in Bushing Durometer

Sure, you have seen “MM” on the skateboard trucks, and you have got the hanger width down pat. But now, let’s dig deeper into the skateboarding rabbit hole and talk about the hero of the trucks, bushings, and their durometer. 

These little guys are the shock absorbers of your skateboard, determining how your trucks respond to your every twist and turn.

Now, what’s “MM” got to do with it? “MM” here is all about the diameter of the bushing. It’s like the secret sauce in your setup. The size of the bushings affects how you lean, turn and carve. 

If you are rocking narrow hanger trucks, smaller-diameter bushings are the treat for your experience. They allow for easier turning, making them perfect for street skating. But if you have got those beefy, wide-hanger trucks, go for the larger-diameter bushings. They provide stability and control for hitting. 

durometer is another fun term you need to wrap your head around. It is the measure of hardness. Soft durometer bushings (around 78a to 87a) are like marshmallows on your trucks- great for carving. Stiffer durometers bushings (around 88A- 95A) are the firm handshake you need for stability and flips in the street. 

‘MM’ and Wheel Size Compatibility

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Skateboard Stance

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of “MM and the wheel size compatibility right now. This stuff is vital for the perfect skateboard setup and I am gonna make it easy to understand. 

“MM” stands for milimeters as we already talked and it is your golden ticket for picking the right wheels. Here’s the deal, stakeboard wheels come in various sizes, usually ranging from 49mm to 60mm. The “MM” tells you how big they are and that size matters because it directly impacts your ride. 

If you are into street skating, and fancy nimble trucks then go for the smaller wheel, (around 49mm to 53mm) they are like sports cards of skateboarding. They are quick and accelerate, perfect for those technical moves. 

But, if you are more into cruising or bombing hills, opt for larger wheels (54mm to 60mm). They roll smoothly, giving you more speed and stability. Now to ensure compatibility, match your wheel size “MM” with the hanger width “MM” on your trucks. 

Got it? Good! the right wheel-truck combo makes your board feel like an extension of yourself. So, pick yourself wisely and you will be cruising, flipping, and shredding with style. 

The Impact of ‘MM’ on Stability and Turning

“MM” on skateboard trucks holds the power to transform your ride. It is about stability and turning. If you carve stability for downhill or ramps, your trucks are different than what you should get to experience street staking and sharp turns. 

When you choose “MM” you are sculpting your ride, whether you want to conquer vert ramps or navigate tight street corners. Your “MM” choice can make you a skateboarding Ninja or a downhill dynamo. Be clear and on point about this issue. 


In the skateboarding world, “MM” on your trucks is not just a random code, it is your turning dial. Your choice impacts stability and turning, offering a tailored ride for your unique style. Whether you are a speed demon on the ramps or a street-smart dude, “MM” is your key to mastering the board. So my friend, I hope you got the answer to your question What does mm mean on skateboard trucks? Be wise in choosing the right trucks, and wheels to match your experience and give it a personal touch. Good luck.

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