What Size Are Skateboard Bearings? [Guide to the Right Size]

Determining skateboard bearing size is the crucial part. Many beginner skaters believe so! Skateboard bearing size is nothing but a simple dimension. So, what size are skateboard bearings?

Skateboard bearing size is universal. Modern skates have an 8mm size and 608 dimensions. Another common size is 7mm for old and high-end skates. Today, I’ll try to give you the easiest way to find the right skateboard bearing size. Let’s give your skating a tremendous experience with the right bearing pack! 

What Size Are Skateboard Bearings

There are different sizes of Skateboard Bearings. But, yes, most skateboard bearings are the same size and fit all wheels. Today, major skating plates have a bearing of 608 sizes.

what size bearings do i need for my skateboard

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In general, the bearing industries produce the standard size of skate bearings.  I know you are still not confident about the size and dimensions. Let’s be clear!

The bearing has two diameters, right? Almost all skateboard bearings have the same outer diameter, except for inner diameter measurements. Your skate-bearing size would be 7mm or 8mm. 

It only depends on the inner diameter measurement. So, there’s no big difference in the skate-bearing sizes. What frightened you, my friend?  I assure you that you can also use the same size bearing for your longboard wheels as well. 

How do I know what size bearings to get for my skateboard?

what size skateboard bearings should i get

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Although it seems harder to find the bearing size of a skateboard, I will share what I followed to get my bearing size! Let’s take a look at the easiest way to find the appropriate size for your skateboard. 

Step 1: See the last 2-3 digits on the Bearing Box

You can check the last digit showcased on the bearing box. Many brands indicate the size on the label. My first wheel bearing was Bone Reds. I just got my size after investigating the digit showing below the Barcode. Here’s how you can know the size:

  • First, take the last 2 or 3 digits.
  • ‘BSACBR88’, 88 means the bearing size is 8mm and the number of bearings is 8.
  • Similarly, “716” means the size is 7mm and the total number of bearings is 16.

Step 2: Check the Stamping Code on the Bearing Sheild

Check the reference code engraved on the shield of a bearing. Most of the bearings have a code for the size dimension, like “608”. That means the bearing size is 8mm. So it will fit on an 8mm axle of a wheel. Sometimes, it rubs off for a long time. Then, you have a measure the diameter.

Note: Sometimes, the size dimension can be mentioned in a label or a bearing body. 

  • “608” means the size of the bearing is 8mm 
  • Whereas, 7 in “627” means the size is 7mm.

Step 3: Assuming the Wheel Nut Size

Another easy way to find out the existing bearing size is to know the wheel nut size. A 9/32″ nut indicates the 7mm bearing size. Whereas, a a 5/16″ nut will indicate an 8mm bearing.

Step 4: Size Measurements with a Number 2 Pencil

The easiest way to know the size of a skateboard is the pencil method. Your skate bearings size is 7 or 8mm (as I mentioned before). To check whether the size is 7mm or 8mm. Try to pass the pencil under the bearings. If it fits to the hole of a bearing, the size is 7. If the pencil passes the hole easily, it’s gonna be an 8mm bearing.

If you want a better perspective, you can watch this Video on How to choose a Skateboard Bearing size

7mm Vs 8mm: Which is the right size bearing for your skateboard?

what size is a skateboard bearing

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7mm and 8mm are the most common sizes for skate bearings. So, what size should you buy for your skateboarding? Here, you may have to consider some factors before knowing the right size.


8mm bearings are more available than 7mm bearings.  The reason is, that only a few bearing industries produce a 7mm bearing.

So, you can expect more variety and quality of 8mm skate bearings rather than 7mm.

Types of Skateboard 

Modern skates are available with 8mm bearings. Examples are-

  • Scooters,
  • Inline skates, 
  • Freeskate wheels,
  • 4-wheeled Roller Skate 

Whereas, old, vintage or high-end skates mostly come with 7mm. Such as

  • Recreational skate wheel,
  • Ice skate,
  • Freestyle skate.

Weight & Durability

 7mm bearing is a smaller size for special skating purposes. Ultimately, 8mm size bearings are heavier than 7mm.

The 8mm bearings are made of extra material. For heavier and more aggressive skating, you must choose the 8mm size over 7mm.


Beginners mostly use 8mm bearings. It is more durable and can endure more loads than a 7mm bearing.

Whereas, expert skaters use 7mm for recreational skating, ice skating, and freestyle skating. Because you need a high skill to balance and move with skateboards.

My Favourite Skateboard Bearing from Each Size Category

Right now, I will share two of my favorite skate bearings that give you an amazing skating experience! 

Bones REDS Skateboard Bearings (8mm 608 bearings)

If you are a beginner skater, it is a superior choice for your skate. I have used this bearing for 3 years and obviously, it’s super durable. I would recommend this for easy installation, slow rolling wheel, and budget-friendly price. 

Bones REDS Skate Bearings (7 mm 627 bearings)

Get ready to fly at a fast speed with these bearing packs. It’s super smooth and reliable. The price is also cheap. You can enjoy your free skate style on a flat track, band track, or skate track with this masterpiece. 


How many mm are skateboard bearings?

There are two most common sizes for skateboard bearings. 8mm Size is the standard size used for modern skates. 7mm skate bearings are mostly used for recreational or freestyle skates. 

What size bearings do I need?

It depends on your personal preferences and skating style. Most bearing industries produce 8mm size for skateboards. As a beginner, 8mm is a good choice over 7mm bearing.

How often do you need to clean skateboard bearings?

You should clean skateboard bearings between 2-3 months. Depending on the type of skateboard wheels, track, and frequent uses it can vary. But, good maintenance of the bearing gives you a long-lasting performance. 


Skateboard bearing size is a fact, I agree. But it’s pretty simple to know. People are just making it harder with the ABEC ratings, where there’s no relation between bearing size with ABEC. 

After all the hassle, I think you will get a clear answer about what size are skateboard bearings. The only last tip I have for you, choose the 8mm for your new skateboard and jump onto the track. Have fun, you are welcome buddy.

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