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What Size Skateboard Truck Do I need? With Pictures And Video Tutorials

For those of you searching the market for your skateboard’s trucks, it must be exhausting. Looking through the best brands like Independent, Venture, Thunder, and hundreds of more options, it is tiring.

Not only this, but deciding on the width, height, material, and many more components is also no easy task. We understand, and hence, we are here to answer the question, what size skateboard trucks do I need?

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What are Skateboard Trucks

Trucks are a significant building block of a skateboard. They are attached to the bottom of the deck and the board pieces that connect the deck with the wheels on the two ends.

What Size Skateboard Trucks Do I Need

To understand the importance of right-sized trucks, you need to understand their role in skateboarding. Here is an excellent video to help you out.

Trucks make your skateboards turn, they are what you grind on and the component on which your bearings and wheels spin.

Thus, a lot of research should go into picking out trucks as they also contribute to the kind of skater you are.


The trucks’ width is directly proportional to the deck’s width. If it is too narrow, you will find it hard to balance the skateboard. In case it is too broad, it may lead to increased show-to-wheel contact, making it a rough ride.

what size skateboard truck

When trucks are mounted on the deck, their axle nuts should be within one-fourth of an inch from the edge. Picking out the most suitable trucks for any setup might pose a problem as there is a difference in the units used for the measurement of decks and trucks. When decks use inches for measurement, trucks are measured in different units based on the manufacturer.

So you may have to look for a suitable truck size for each brand out there.


After choosing the width for your tucks, you should deal with the height next. The height is the distance from the axle to the deck. The height of trucks affects your skateboarding style and is different according to the place where you skateboard regularly.

what size skateboard truck do i need

All brands offer their trucks at low, mid, and high heights.

Low Truck

A low truck has a shortened kingpin, the bolt that holds the truck together. This helps you better in grinding, sits you close to the ground, and increases stability as it brings the center of gravity lower.

These require small wheels. There is less material, making the overall setup lighter, so your trucks and pushes go a little further. The stability and response of these trucks are preferred by street skaters.

Mid Truck

Mid trucks are also called standard trucks. They come with an average height that falls between high and low trucks. These trucks fit well for all-around skateboarding. If you are using mid trucks, make sure the wheels of your skateboards are between 52 mm and 56 mm.

High Truck

A high truck has a kingpin about 5 mm longer than the lower ones. This provides a greater turning radius and also increases the distance between the axle and the deck, making the skateboard more compatible with larger wheels.

These trucks are preferred by transition skaters as they have larger wheels with the ability to make sharper turns. Due to the increased turning radius, they are also a choice for simple cruising.

Check out one of our favorite high trucks vs low trucks comparison video.

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The material is also important. You can find trucks made of different materials that include steel, titanium, magnesium, and aluminum.

If you want aluminum trucks, we recommend Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum Skateboard Trucks with 52mm Wheels Combo Set.

The material also affects your skateboarding experience. The most common skateboard combination when it comes to the material is aluminum and steel. There are also solid as well as hollow versions on the market. Hollow trucks make your setup lighter.


For your trucks, you need a top bushing and a bottom bushing. These are the cushiony components, made of silicone or urethane, attached between the hanger and the baseplate. As bushings are a mandatory part of skateboard trucks, here is a quick summary of the different options you have.

what size skateboard trucks should i get

Soft Bushings: These are below 92a. These have a high ability for turnings but are not great with control at high speed. If you want a skateboard for cruising as well as lighter-weight riders, these are perfect.

Medium Bushings: These are between 92a to 97a and work for almost all skateboarding styles. They offer you perfect balance as they are not hard but not soft as well. In addition, these bushings are fairly responsive.

Hard Bushings: Over 98a. These are the most responsive ones out of all. Best for street racing, these hard bushings will help keep your board in control. Moreover, they offer quick responsiveness, maneuvering, and flip tricks.


Trucks play an important role in how your skateboard rides. Thus, there are some important checkpoints you need to tick before buying your pair.

These include the correct width relative to your deck, and the height compared to your wheels, material, and bushings. We have summarized all the information needed for you to answer anyone who asks, which skateboard truck size do I need?

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