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What size wrench for skateboard trucks? Choosing right equipment

Skateboarding is one of the most fun sports for many of us. Although it is very important to know how to fix a skateboard, otherwise you will lose a lot of money and time going to the repair shop. Now what kinda of tools do we need to repair a skateboard? We don’t need much, a screwdriver and a wrench are well enough. Often people are confused about what size wrench for skateboard trucks. I will answer this question throughout the blog. If you stay with me, you will get most of your answers. 

What size wrench for skateboard trucks

If you are thinking about repairing your skateboard truck, then you need the perfect size of wrench for it. And the accurate wrench size is 9/16”.

what size wrench to tighten skateboard trucks

Precision Skater’s Tool

Alright, if you’re getting into skateboarding you’ll soon understand that even the smallest details can make a huge difference. Such as the size of the wrench you need for your skateboard trucks.

As you know skateboard trucks are an essential part of skateboarding. Without them, we can’t imagine a proper skateboard setup. And sometimes it’s need to repair them.

That’s why you need proper tools for your skateboard trucks to make your skating experience longer and better. And one of the basic tools is the wrench. 

There are many tools for skateboard trucks. They are used for various purposes. But if you have only a wrench, I think it is well enough for some basic and needed reparation.

Also, you may carry it outside. Who knows you need a sudden reparation during riding.

Now you can ask me, why only this 9/16” size? That’s because it is the standard size for the kingpin nut on most skateboard trucks.

This wrench helps skateboarders to easily tighten or loosen the kingpin nut. And it’s easily fit on most of the skateboard trucks like magic.

But what if you don’t have this size wrench? well, you can try, but be prepared for negative results. Having an accurate wrench in your skate loot kit is like having a superhero’s utility belt. It is a game changer, trust me.

Measuring Your Skateboard Hardware

Do you know that measuring your skateboard hardware is also an important thing in skateboarding? Well, when I first started skating, I had no idea that the size of my trucks and wheels could make such a difference.

Okay, let me explain, let’s start with trucks. They are measured in inches from axle to axle. For stability and comfort, we need to match them with the width of our skateboard deck.

So, if you have an 8-inch deck, go for around 8-inch trucks. A wider deck provides more stability and a narrower one is better for agile and street tricks.

Besides, wheels are necessary too. They come in different diameters and durometers. Bigger wheels can roll over cracks and stones better. But smaller ones give us more control.

The durometers indicate hardness. Softer wheels (78A-87A) are great for cruising, while harder ones (99A-101A) are better for tricks and park riding. This blog says a lot about skateboard hardware buying guides.

Measuring your skateboard hardware properly makes all the difference in how your board performs. But there is a good thing for you all. That is, you can customize all of these sizes according to your preferences and riding style. Watch this video to learn how to measure skateboard hardware

Selecting the Right Wrench

what size socket wrench for skateboard trucks

Skateboard Tuning Essential

Selecting the correct wrench is like finding the perfect tool in a treasure chest. Skateboard trucks come in various sizes, and it’s necessary to match the wrench to the size of the bolts. If it doesn’t suit on truck’s bolt, it can snatch the bolt heads or damage our trucks.

when I first started skateboarding, I never thought that a simple wrench size could matter too. I learned all of these things by making mistakes.

Once, I used the wrong-sized wrench, and the trucks and bolts got all messed up. And I have to spend extra time and money on replacements. 

But now, I make sure to double-check the wrench size and keep a small tool kit in my skate bag. Trust me, it is a simple matter but a game changer. It ensures my rides are smooth and comfortable, as well as worryless replacement.

Common Wrench Sizes

wrench size for skateboard trucks

Wrench world 

When I was new in the skateboarding world, I had zero idea about skateboard truck wrench sizes. But when I discovered all of these things, it was a game changer.

The common wrench size that we need for our skateboard trucks is 9/16 inches. It’s called the magic key to fix the skateboard trucks accurately.

Also, if you ask me, ‘What size wrench to tighten skateboard trucks?’ It’s also 9/16 inches. because it ensures our trucks are tightened just how we prefer it. And it affects our board turns and rides. 

Ans it’s important to note down that, some trucks may have different requirements. So it’s better to check the specifications of our specific trucks to ensure we are using the right size wrench. And this is a common story every skater can relate to when they first start out.

Tips for Maintaining Skateboard Trucks

As we know skateboard trucks are a necessary part of skateboarding. So, their proper maintenance is also important for a smooth ride.

First of all, keep those nuts secure but not too tight. Because you need some wiggle space for turns. Loosen them, if you would like a ride that is easier to carve. 

Also, check the condition of your bushings and replace them if they become unstable. Maintain a spotless and polished pivot cup for quick turning. Besides, clean your bearings regularly to keep the wheels rolling smoothly.

Don’t forget to take care of your vehicles additionally by providing them a wipe-down after a wet ride to prevent damage. I hope all of these tips will be useful for you in the future. 


In conclusion, I’ve found out that a 9/16 inch wrench is a necessary tool for us after my search of finding the ideal wrench size for skateboard trucks. It’s like the final piece of the puzzle. And it makes adjusting my trucks a breeze. 

I tried to answer the question of what size wrench is for skateboard trucks, throughout this blog. I hope you all get most of the answers. Good luck, my buddies!

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