Why Are Skateboard Trucks So Expensive? Figuring Our Reasons.

As a skateboarder, I recall walking into my first skate shop, wide-eyed and anxious to update my gear. Skateboard trucks, to my astonishment, were consistently the most expensive component. 

So, why are skateboard trucks so expensive? In this post, we will look into skateboard trucks and the reasons that contribute to their seemingly high price. We will reveal the mysteries behind the pricing of these critical components for any skateboarder. From materials used to the posh engineering behind it. 

Why Are Skateboard Trucks So Expensive?

Skateboard trucks are expensive due to a combination of high-quality materials, engineering minds, and the relentless pursuit of innovation and time.

why are skateboard trucks so expensive

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First off, skateboard trucks are not just chunks of metal. They are intricate pieces of machinery. High-end materials like aircraft-grade aluminum and titanium that are used for iPhone 15 are used in skateboard trucks for durability and my friend comes with a great cost. 

You spend hundreds of dollars on an iPhone yet there are dozens of options to buy a phone within a very tight budget.

The same logic and financial equation work with the premium skateboard trucks. Apart from durable and crystalline materials, engineers play a big role in crafting them with proper math.

Precision and designing these components are paramount to giving you that smooth, stable experience, and that level of craftsmanship doesn’t usually come at a cheaper price, we all know that. 

If we agree this far, there is also a cost of improving and the process is always running in the background and we always get upgrades due to this process. Let’s appreciate the heroes behind it who work with our feedback and act on it. 

So if we summarize why are skateboards expensive? Quality, engineering, and style all play a part, the more you pay the more you get, it is as simple as that. In the world of staking, where performance matters the most, trucks are the heroes and the makers behind them are the superheroes.

If you want to know about a comparison between cheap and expensive trucks, you can watch this video.

Quality and Materials

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When it comes to skateboard trucks, quality and materials are like the peanut butter and jelly of the skating world, indispensable. Let’s find out why they matter and what makes them worth every penny. 

Quality is not just a buzzword, it is a serious commitment you are making for your client and yourself. Decades ago, skaters were clucking around and steel trucks that had all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. But my fellow skaters, times have changed.

Today’s skateboard trucks are a work of art. They are precision-engineering for the smoothest ride, ensuring stability during tricks and offering better control. That is not something you can skimp on. 

And then there are the materials. Skateboard trucks are typically crafted with high-quality materials because they need stability and durability. Without the high-end material, you will have a horrible experience while skating. 

You will find a lot of people complaining about bad experiences while skateboarding, well, guess what? The reason might be bad and low-grade trucks. 

In the scheme of things, quality and materials in skateboard trucks are like investing in a sports car instead of a rusty old bicycle. 

Sure, you will pay more, but you are getting performance, durability, and the guarantee that your trucks won’t be weak links in your skating adventure. Trust me, I have tested both and I will choose to get premium trucks any day. 

Manufacturing Techniques

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Ah, the mysterious realm of manufacturing techniques. It’s not just squeezing some metal into shape, it’s more like crafting a samurai sword with intricate attention to detail.

Historically, skateboard trucks were often forged from humble steel, a far cry from modern techniques. Today, precision casting and CNC machining are the rock stars in truck production. 

CNC not to be confused with that band you thought was cool in the 1990s, stands for Computer Numerical Control.

It’s like a skateboard truck’s personal GPS, guiding the cutting and shaping process with incredible accuracy. The result? Consistency and precision that ensures each truck performs flawlessly, just like we like it. 

But like anything amazing, this comes at a fair cost. CNC machining and costing are more time-consuming and require advanced technology, which translates to higher expenses. However, it’s a bit like buying a custom-tailored suit, it may cost more, but guys, it fits perfectly. 

Looking ahead, manufacturing techniques will contribute to the evaluation. 3D printing is waving in the wings, promising the best value with a cost-saving eco-system.

For now, while CNC and casting might have you thinking about your empty wallet, they are the backbone of your smooth, reliable skate sessions. 

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Brand Reputation Innovation and R&D 

Ever wondered why that skateboard truck has a logo that could double as a rock brand’s emblem? Well, it’s not just a logo that was made by a logo artist. The logo contains brand value, innovation, and fuck all R&D.  

R&D means Research and Development. It has been the secret sauce of most of the businesses or startups for hundreds of years. The more strong R&D you have, the more success you are likely to get. All the premium brands such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google have totally awesome sets of R&D people. 

Historically skateboard trucks were basic and functional, devoid of the flair we see today. But now, brands are like mad scientists in the lab, constantly cooking up new ideas. they invest heavily and get output from their research and developments.

This entire process is very costly, not many innovation works nor do people get frequent success in research. 

Brand reputation is another factor, skaters are a loyal bunch and we trust the brands that consistently deliver quality and style. So when you are buying these expensive trucks, you are also investing in a piece of skateboarding history and a promise of a better life. 

As for innovation, it’s a never-ending history. Brands compete to outdo each other. Who knows maybe someday some skateboarding company bring a propellor for skateboarding that can fly in the sky, LOL.

It’s like a skateboard arm race, and in the end, we all win with trucks that help us nail those jaw-dropping tricks. 

Artistry and Limited Editions

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Skateboard trucks are not just nuts and bolts, they are always a piece of art to me, and I really mean it.

Many brands are like galleries, showcasing their creative chops through limited editing releases. Historically, skateboarding was about rebellion and self-expression, and that spirit continues. 

Today, trucks come adorned with mind-blowing designs, turning your skateboard into a canvas, they designers however get good pay and it also adds to the cost. Limited edition? Heck yeah, I forgot to talk about it, they are like the holy grail. 

Unique designs, special finishes, and often a wink from a pro skater, are the crown jewels of any skater’s collection.

They might empty your wallet, but they add a whole lot of personality to your setup. In the future, expect even wilder designs and more limited additions and you are right, they might come up more costly.


In a world where skateboarding is a fusion of performance, art, and technology, the answer to why are skateboard trucks so expensive? becomes crystal clear. It is the dedication to quality, innovation, brand reputation, and artistry that elevates these essential components to more than just hardware, they are a testament to the skateboarding culture and eco-system.

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