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Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Skateboard? The Ultimate Answer!

Skateboarding is a common pastime among kids and adolescents. Skating offshoots like mountainboarding and longboarding have grown in popularity.

While it is an exhilarating sport, it presents a significant risk of injury. Annually, almost 70,000 accidents involve a call to the ER.

This is also understandable if you experience minor injuries such as foot pain while playing this sport.

Why do my feet hurt when I skateboard? There are several related answers, but the two leading causes of your foot pain are too-tight shoes and flat feet.

Let’s delve into this article to learn in detail!

Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Skateboard?

Skateboarding shouldn’t cause you any discomfort in your feet. If this pain occurs, you’re doing something incorrectly.

Why does my foot hurt after skateboarding? Let’s have a look at what’s causing your feet to harm after skating!

Too-Tight Shoes

It’s because you’re wearing the wrong shoe size that your feet discomfort during skating.

Skateboarding will be painful and uncomfortable if your shoes do not suit your foot properly. You even feel significantly hurt if your shoes squeeze your big feet; it can cause agony.

The tongue of the skate rips into the ligaments of your ankles, producing pain, swelling, and redness when your skate is fastened too firmly. This phenomenon is called lace bite.

What’s more, chafing, blisters, and redness can occur if your skate is too small or too big, making skating extremely painful.

Inflammation of the thick band of muscle that extends from your heel to your toes causes this painful ailment.

You may also get plantar fasciitis when you experience intense soreness in the foot during skateboarding or afterward.

Also, you might get plantar fasciitis whenever you experience extreme discomfort in your heels during skating or afterward.

Flat Feet

Another reason for foot pain during or after skating is if your feet are flat or your arches are low.

Skateboarding exacerbates this problem by putting a lot of abnormal pressure on your foot and joint.

Skateboarding shoes, however, are built to enhance board control, not for flat-footed individuals.

If your feet are flat, the best solution you can do is invest in a high-quality skating footbed with a slight heel and plenty of cushioning.

why skates hurt my feet

The causes of skating injuries

When I Go Skateboarding, Why Do My Feet Cramp?

You should be aware that cramping is a potential, and many skateboarders, particularly novices, experience it.

Why do you get cramping while skateboarding? Below are some of the potential causes to consider.

Dehydration, misuse of muscles, or a lack of potassium in the diet are the most common causes of foot cramps.

On the other hand, the most common cause of foot cramps while skateboarding is the overuse of your muscles.

In particular, skating necessitates the use of your feet. When turning left or right or stopping on your board, you must move your foot.

Cramps can be pretty inconvenient! These bad situations typically pass within a few days or even weeks. Also, if you skate frequently, you may experience less cramping afterward.

Newbies usually experience this. Skateboarding requires a period of adaptation for the muscles. You will encounter fewer cramps when your muscles have gotten acclimated to it.

What’s more, note that if you plan on cruising on the skateboard, you should be aware that you may face a more significant probability of cramping.

That’s because you need to use your feet to turn left or right, make the board stop, or move it constantly while cruising.

why does skateboarding hurt my feet

You may overuse your foot when skating.

How To Prevent Injuries While Skateboarding?

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, following these safety guidelines is better to prevent injuries.

Choose The Right Skateboard

Make sure your skateboard is still in good working order. It’s best to check it before riding.

Look for issues that require repair, including:

  • Loose, cracked, or broken parts

  • A slippery board surface

  • Metal boards with sharp edges

  • Cracked or nicked wheels

why do my feet hurt when i longboard

Choose the proper board.

Master The Basic Skateboarding Skills

Before attempting more complex tricks, it is critical to learn and acquire basic skating techniques, notably brake, slow down, or spin. If you want to learn more skateboarding techniques for beginners, you can refer to this video:

Wear The Appropriate Safety Gear

Remove all sharp and pointy things from your pockets, and wear your protective gear before riding your board.

The following is a list of necessary safety gear:

  • Choose a helmet that fits appropriately.

  • Wrist guards provide support and lessen the risk of fracturing a wrist whenever you fall.

  • Choose closed-toe shoes with slip-resistant bottoms.

  • Elbow and knee pads protect against scrapes, cuts, and gravel burns.

  • Prevent debris away from your eyes using glasses and goggles.

Select A Safe Location

A rising number of towns provide supervised skateboarding playgrounds to increase skating safety.

These may include skating places that have been professionally developed and are positioned away from traffic flows.

However, they frequently involve more steep hills and aren’t suitable for inexperienced skaters.

Additionally, to help guarantee safe surroundings for skateboarding, follow the instructions below:

  • Avoid skating on uneven surfaces.

  • Never use homemade ramps.

  • Don’t skate in lousy weather.

  •  Avoid riding in congested areas or at night.

why do my feet hurt after skateboarding

Avoid homemade ramps

What Are The Basic Rules Of Skateboarding?

Before you go skating, review the following list of critical skateboarding guidelines:

  • While skateboarding, do not listen to music using headphones or earphones.

  • Always follow the community skate parks guidelines.

  • Avoid skating in inclement conditions.

  • Always put on closed-toe shoes when skating.

  • One person uses a skateboard.

  • Skate in heavily populated areas as little as possible.

  • Use a fitting helmet and other protective equipment at all times.

  • Do not hitch a ride on a bus, car, or different types of conveyance.

In A Nutshell

This article has got to the bottom of your question: Why do my feet hurt when I skateboard? In general, the reasons may come from your shoes or your feet.

When you choose improper pairs of shoes, it can cause plantar fasciitis and cause pain in your feet. Besides, your feet themselves have problems. They are too flat and not suitable to play this sport.

You can prevent feet injuries as long as you follow the safety guidelines mentioned above. Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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