Why Do Skateboard Wheels Turn Yellow? Figure Out The Puzzle

If you wonder, “Why do skateboard wheels turn yellow?” you are at the right place. The two main reasons for this problem are sun exposure and dirt buildup.

Unfortunately, there is no solution to completely avoid the detrimental effects of these factors on the board wheels. Instead, you can follow our article to have detailed information on the problem and its solution. Let’s get started!

For Which Reason Do Skateboard Wheels Turn Yellow?

The Urethane Has Degraded

The degradation of urethane is one of the two reasons why clean skateboard wheels lose their original color after some riding time. Urethane is a sensitive chemical element that cannot endure direct sunlight.

why do skateboard wheels turn yellow

Degraded Skateboard Wheels

If you spend most of the time riding a skateboard outside, the UV rays will gradually degrade the urethane material of the wheels.

Urethane originally had a yellow hue, but skateboard manufacturers often use chemicals to create colorful shades for the wheels by bleaching the urethane.

Over time, the sunlight wears off the bleach, revealing the urethane’s true color.

Other Harmful Components

Apart from UV rays exposure, other environmental factors can turn your board wheels yellow. They are all the contaminants on the ground that the wheels directly contact when you ride a skateboard: oil, dirt, wax, and other debris.

When the unwanted substances come in contact with the wheels, they will gradually affect the condition of your wheels. The dirt will soak up if you don’t notice this problem, leaving stubborn yellow stains on the wheels.

white skateboard wheels turn yellow

The Wheels Turn Yellow

While maintaining a skateboard, some skaters try to make their own skate wax or oil the wheels to have the most incredible performance. However, if your oil and wax your skateboard in the wrong way without tips from pro skaters, your skateboard will end up degrading and turning yellow.

Do Yellow Skateboard Wheels Affect The Performance?

The problem of skateboard wheels turning yellow is an inevitable consequence of your riding journey. It will only be unpleasant for you in terms of the wheels’ aesthetic appeal.

You don’t have to worry about the board’s performance; the yellow wheels won’t impact your skating experience.

skateboard wheels turn yellow

Skateboarding Performance

Are There Any Wheels That Won’t Turn Yellow?

There is no conclusive evidence that any skateboard model on the market can avoid the state of yellow tints on the wheels. When you skate on the street, there’s no way to keep your board off the ground or in the shadows all the time.

All you can do is try your best to keep the mint condition of your wheels by cleaning them regularly or purchasing premium-quality wheels. Cheap products are often said to turn yellow faster than expensive options.

If you want to have an unforgettable skating time, you want to invest in excellent wheels in the first place. Not only do they end up turning yellow slowly, but they are also more durable and reliable in the long run.

Another way to deal with the problem is to avoid purchasing white wheels. It is advisable to opt for other colored wheels like purple, blue, or black wheels to steer clear of the yellow condition.

skateboard wheels yellow

Skateboard Wheels Color

How To Bleach Yellow Skateboard Wheels?


It is highly recommended to start bleaching by ensuring the entire skateboard is clean. You should use warm water to get rid of dirt on the surface and allow it to completely dry before dismantling your skateboard.

Read the instruction book carefully to avoid taking the wrong parts off the board. For the best outcome, follow the step-by-step guide from the manufacturer’s recommendations.

You also need to tidy your working area to spare more space for the bleaching job. Find a flat and large surface to place the skateboard and keep all the pieces together after dismantling.

why do skateboard wheels turn yellow

Take The Board Apart

Remove The Wheels And Bearings

Use one hand to grab your skateboard and hold the tool or socket wrench on the other hand to remove the wheels. It is about the removal of each bolt on the outside of your wheels truck’s axle.

After removing the skateboard wheel, remember to dismantle the wheel bearings as well. Bear in mind that each wheel has two bearings, and you should put them in a safe place for assembling later.

white skateboard wheels turn yellow

Remove The Wheels And Other Related Features

Clean The Skateboard Wheels

When you clean the wheels and other metal components, do it with extra care. It’s best to know your wheel materials to have the most suitable cleaning method without the use of harsh chemicals.

Soak the wheels in a bucket of soapy water or a specific cleaning agent. You should gently remove all the dirt by using a piece of an old rag to wash both the inner and outer sides of the wheels. Small rocks and dirt can get trapped in the deck and the wheels.

After the cleaning process, wrap the wheels with a cotton cloth or paper towel to dry them completely.

If you put wet wheels into the bearings, they will move slower since a wet environment will attract more dirt and debris. Instead, you want to leave the wheels in a dry and airy area to ensure the best condition before being used.

why do skateboard wheels turn yellow

Clean The Wheels

Reassemble The Bearings And Wheels To The Board

Attach the bearings to the wheels by following the reverse step you have done when dismantling them. Try to tightly put the bearings back to their position so that you won’t find it difficult to ride a skateboard.

When you complete attaching the bearings, carefully slide the wheels back to the truck axle. It is advisable to insert the axle nut in the right direction and tighten it well with a socket wrench. It will help prevent the wheels from losing off the board when you skate.

When you put all things back together, pay attention to the detailed parts of the wheels. The skate wheels won’t work well with even one missing part, causing you trouble taking apart your skateboard and assembling it from scratch.

skateboard wheels turn yellow

Reassemble The Wheels To The Board


After reading the article, we hope that you will find out the best answer to the question, “Why do skateboard wheels turn yellow?”

Once you have gained a deep understanding of the cause and a few tips to tackle the problem, it will no longer be a pain in the neck! You can comfortably enjoy your skating experience with high-quality and non-yellow skateboard wheels.

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