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Why Is My Skateboard So Wobbly? 7 Reasons & How To Fix

Sometimes skateboarders suffer from speed wobbles. It happens suddenly for inexperienced players, and it may be depressing.

Why is my skateboard so wobbly? One part of the skateboard may be faulty or doesn't fit you. Also, the wobbling issue results from your improper posture. 

We will explain what happens to your skateboards. You can also learn how to fix a wobbly skateboard and have a more enjoyable ride. Let's follow our post! 

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Why Is My Skateboard So Wobbly?  

Why does my skateboard wobble? You'll have solutions to try when working with this problem. The wrong installation of trucks on the skateboard is the primary cause of instability, but there are some other things to consider.

Loose trucks 

Some bolts, nuts, or trucks may be sensitive to pressure. When they loosen, wobbles will occur. When riding faster, the board will respond by shaking back and forth.

How to fix:

The cheapest and easiest repair to an unstable longboard configuration is to fasten skateboard trucks. 

This method is as easy as taking a wrench and twisting the nuts and bolts on the board clockwise.

why is my skateboard so wobbly

Pay attention to the trucks

Faulty bushings

You can blame the bushings if the board isn't shaking due to loose trucks. The skateboard may be twisted due to the broken bushings rather than the trucks. 

However, tightening the bushings too firmly is not ideal. Tighter bushings make it more difficult to turn and shake your board, and the tight bushings give you much less time to react when you accelerate. 

And then, the crash would be more severe because you are going so fast. 

How to fix:

Check the bushings and make sure that you don't fasten them too firmly or loosely; test by riding on the board. Everything is good if you make a turn easily.

Wheelbase length

The boards with a shorter wheelbase are more vulnerable to fast turns than those with a longer wheelbase. As a result, they are more susceptible to speed wobbles and lower turning ability.

How to fix:

If you don't want to struggle with speed wobbles after a few distances, you can consider buying a board with a longer wheelbase. Any skateboarder with little or no riding experience should start with a wide wheelbase. 

They need to gain more experience and control their moves before going around on skateboards with a shorter wheelbase.

The only basic method for dealing with seed wobbles is to train your mind. When you're skateboarding, you need to know how your body reacts and changes. 

The changes may come from different speeds or terrains. It would be best to practice dealing with all levels and phases of your skateboarding. 

Your mind can react and adjust to your movements based on how you ride on it, how you make the turns, and how you react.

Your mind can only respond in the manner in which you have trained it. As a result, consistent practice paired with confidence and patience is the best method to perfect your skateboard.

why does my skateboard wobble

Choose the length of the wheelbase carefully

Imbalance weight distribution

When starting to ride, many beginners make the same mistake of placing their weight pressure on the rear truck.

Please note that the more pressure you put on a truck, the more it spins because you are compressing the bushings more. 

When you place all of your weight on the back foot, the bushings in the rear truck suffer from more pressure than the front bushings do.  

This problem is practically the same as using a looser rear truck versus a stiffer front truck.

How to fix:

Try to keep your knees down and put more weight pressure on your front foot to solve this problem. 

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When it comes to skateboarding, the ankles play a significant role. They mean much more if you are dealing with speed wobbles. 

Your body will stiffen up if you aren't relaxed on the board or don't feel confident and secure at high speed. When you tighten your ankles, things get worse. 

Now, place the balls of your feet on the floor, and your ankle will start to shake as you lift your knee. When the ankles stiffen up while skateboarding, such a thing happens. 

When the skateboard goes to one side, your ankles adjust by shifting the truck to the other side, then backward, and finally, the board is going back and forth so rapidly that it becomes impossible to ride.

How to fix:

Skateboarding is sometimes a mental exercise. Calm your mind first, and try to become one with your skateboard. Allow the truck to be a natural part of you. Try to go with the flow and move with it.

It will require some practice to be comfortable with this strategy. However, if you've found out how to rest and relax, you'll be able to tackle greater hills and go faster.

Carving it out is another approach. Start a slight carve back and forth if the board starts to shake. This tip calms your muscles but sacrifices your speed.

how to fix a wobbly skateboard

Your posture is very important

Board dimensions

An incorrect size skateboard is another cause of speed wobbles. It might be challenging to find a board with the correct length for your riding style, shoe size, and height. 

If the skateboard is too short, you will face many problems, including speed-related stutters. If the board is too long and you can't adjust your posture correctly, you will have the same problem.

How to fix:

The only solution for this problem is finding the board that perfectly fits your size. Otherwise, make one for yourself. This video will show you how to do it. 

Turn initiation

Starting a moderate carve to one side or the other is a highly efficient approach to fix the wobble. However, this tip only works if you do it early. 

When you begin a turn, you are countering the habitual corrective moves that increase the degree of the wobble. 

How to fix:

Remember that the carve should be smooth and flow, not fast and furious. So, start it gently to achieve your goal.

How To Fix My Wobbly Skateboard? 

Things turn out much easier if you know the source of the problem. 

In addition to the tips for fixing a specific issue above, you can prevent your skateboard from wobbling with these methods.  

Move carefully

Sudden movements will make the wobbles much worse. Hence, remember to move with confidence and caution. 

Use the wedging and low trucks.

Wedging with truck angles can physically change how far the truck can turn. Lower angles make the truck turn less for a smoother ride.

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Try to get low, loosen your legs, and maintain your upper body comfortably. Then, conquer the slope, and if your board begins to shake, keep calm and be confident of nailing it.

why is my skateboard so loose

Relax and enjoy


Why is my skateboard so wobbly? There are some reasons for it. Fortunately, you can fix them. 

A shaky skateboard isn't a bad thing. Some people enjoy riding their trucks quite loosely. Yet, with this riding style, beginners mostly find it challenging.

If your skateboard shakes when skating at high speed, keep calm, be aware of the surroundings, and stop gradually. Then, try the tips we shared to detect and fix your problem. Thank you for reading!

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