10 Reasons Why You Should Start Skateboarding

There are many reasons why you should start skateboarding. Various health, mental, and social benefits come along with the sport. You can build up a healthier body, widen your social circle, and foster valuable life virtues along the way.

Skateboarding serves as a common language to connect people. It’s not purely a sport but a form of expression and culture. Once you get on board and overcome the fears of injuries and failure, you’ll explore a world of miracles that the sport has to offer.

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Top Reasons To Start Skateboarding

Health Benefits

Burn Up Some Calories

Skateboarding is a rigorous cardio workout. You need to take total control over how your body moves while skating, not just trying not to fall but to develop motion control and learn to regulate speed.

why you should start skateboarding

Skateboarding workout

Steering and moving get the leg muscles moving, whereas core and back muscles are also working to keep you going with the board. For that reason, even when you are not doing demanding tricks, simply pushing down the street can accelerate your heart rate and burn calories.

Depending on your metabolism and body weight, you can shed anywhere between 300 and 500 calories by skating around for an hour.

Stress Relief, Depression And Anxiety

Indulging in intense physical activity like skateboarding helps release more endorphins in the brain – chemicals that can relieve pain and boost pleasure, resulting in a feeling of wellbeing.

why you should start skateboarding 2

Skateboarding to reduce stress

Also, while being on the board, your mind is preoccupied, and you do not have time to think about your daily hustle. In other words, the sport provides a form of escapism.

Not to mention that, while pushing the board around town or skating in a skate park, there is always something fun to see and do.

Skateboarding allows you to take a moment to appreciate beautiful things around you and friendly people that you otherwise would never meet and talk to. Being outside always does wonders for our mental health.

Build Some Muscles

why you should start skateboarding 3

Building Muscles With Skateboarding

Various muscles of your body work hard to keep you safe on a skateboard.

One of the key muscles is the core muscles which help maintain balance on the board. Quadriceps muscles are in charge of straightening the hip joints and extending the knees for accelerating upslope.

Also, the gluteus maximus plays a vital role in a stable ride. The hips need to activate this section to keep their balance during the transition from the crouched posture to standing upright.

In addition, muscles in the lower leg are active for directional control, while arm muscles are equally important since they create the movement’s flows and allow you to be more expressive with the board.

Build Up A Tolerance For Pain

Undoubtedly, those sticking around the sport for long enough enjoy a higher pain tolerance threshold. Skateboarding is a trial-and-error sport where you will fall off the ground more than you expect.

Yet, that’s where the beauty of the sport lies. It’s important to learn not to fall, but it’s all the more important to learn how to fall correctly and deal with pain and injuries without giving up on the sport.

what do you need to start skateboarding

Falling in the right way

An experienced skateboarder might appear fearless when riding their board masterfully. That ability does not come overnight but results from being smashed on the floors several times until he got things right. No pain, no gain – it’s true when it comes to skateboarding.

Broaden The Relationship Circle

Make Friends Of All Ages

Skateboarding is open to people of all ages, not just kids and teenagers. It lets you expand your social circles and get to know more people regardless of age or background.

why you should start skateboarding 4

Making friends in a skate park or on the street is quite easy. Head to a skating spot, be friendly and perform some tricks, and you will make many skating friends.

The sport serves as a common language whenever ages, languages, skating levels, or anything else becomes a barrier between skaters.

Have Fun With Others

While skateboarding is an individual sport, it’s much more fun and rewarding if you’re skating with friends. They’ll show you how to learn new tricks and help you become a better skater.

It’s simply getting out, stretching some muscles, and having a good time pursuing a hobby that you and your friends share.

why you should start skateboarding 5

Also, a skate park promotes a sense of healthy competition. Through competition, you and your friends push each other’s boundaries, and it’s fun and fulfilling to do so.

Do not stress if you are a beginner skateboarder. Skateboarding communities are accommodating, supportive, and friendly, and you’re sure to have some fun through learning from and communicating with others.

Trendy Fashionable Sport

There are several reasons why skating is a trendy hobby, especially among young people.

Skateboarding is an outlet for self-expression. Your skating styles, characters, and fashion tastes, can all manifest while you are riding the board.

why you should start skateboarding 5

Skaters Have Their Own Fashion Statements

People do not skate the same way. How you skate greatly speaks a lot about yourself, whether you’re a daredevil who wants something fast and adventurous or a person who loves to execute tricks to perfection.

No matter who you are, be yourself, work on the tricks, and skate in your style. Your progress and skills will set you apart from the crowd. This is also why many youngsters, who reckon there is nothing special in them, take up this sport and turn it into a life-long passion.

Moreover, fashion taste within skating communities is something to appreciate. Skateboarders have their unique, impressive fashion statement that reveals more about their characters.

Many fashionable skaters burst out from their underground bubbles to big brands’ catwalk runways, promoting their skating culture further to the public.

Not That Hard And Expensive To Learn

Skating might appear intimidating at first, but it is not that hard when you get the hang of the basics. The trickiest part is to keep your spirit when you hit a plateau.

It takes time and dedication to turn basic skills into your second nature or land an elaborate trick. The key is to develop your balance on the moving board and learn how to fall correctly before advancing to ollies or kickflips.

In other words, don’t run before you can walk, or you’ll be more easily demotivated down the road.

why you should start skateboarding 7

Balancing On The Board Is A Basic Skill

On top of that, skating is an affordable sport. All it takes is a board, and a proper pair of shoes, and you’re all set.

When compared to paying for a gym membership or mountain climbing, riding a skateboard is considerably cheaper. An entry-level skateboard setup, trucks and wheels included, is within reach of almost any teenager.

Great For Commuting

A skateboard is an inexpensive and healthy means of transportation. Its small size makes it easier to navigate through the crowds and be carried around in a backpack.

Once you get familiar with the board, you can use it for daily commutes, notably for short distances, from school to the bus stop or within the campus.

It’s also fun to travel with the board with occasional curb hopping or maneuvering around obstacles on the street.

On top of that, commuting with a skateboard is eco-friendly. If you want to cut down on your carbon footprint, switch to traveling with a skateboard.

why you should start skateboarding 8

Commuting With A Skateboard

Build Confidence And Perseverance

The sport is a combination of challenge and accomplishment. You feel more sense of self-assurance when you move your way up from easy to more demanding tricks. Falling seems scary, but it helps boost your confidence.

The body will learn the lessons and know what it should avoid doing. Over time, these painful experiences will help you be more confident in managing the board.

why you should start skateboarding 9

Falling Is Part Of Skating

Yet, nailing a trick is not as easy as it might sound. There are times when you think that you have successfully learned a trick, but you’ll soon find yourself failing to do it the day after.

A trick can take you several months to get it right. You might fail, not because you don’t have a knack for it, but because you do not have enough perseverance.

Knowing this spirit, you will learn the value of sticking with your goal, even when it’s discouraging along the process. It’s applicable not only to the sport itself but also to the wider world full of challenges.


Skateboarding is a sport like no other, and there are obvious reasons why you should start skateboarding. It gives the adrenaline rush, does wonders for physical and mental health, and is a common language among skaters.

The only barrier is the fear of injuries and failure. Yet, once you become a part of the skating community, there are more reasons to hold on to the sport than to give up.

Get yourself a skateboard, hit the skate park, and skate in your style to discover a more creative, brave side of yourself!

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