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What Tools Do You Need To Build A Skateboard? An Ultimate Guide!

If you’ve just started skateboarding, choosing your first board or assembling it can be a daunting task. You probably won’t know what tools you need to have a good board.

What tools do you need to build a skateboard? Some tools include:

  • 1/2’’ socket
  • 3/8’’ socket
  • 9/16’’ socket
  • A razor blade
  • A screwdriver

Wait any longer! Let’s dive into this article to learn more about these tools!

What Tools Do You Need To Build A Skateboard?

A skateboard is essentially the combination of its components. If you want a fantastic skateboard, you’ll need at least the following elements. Let’s take a closer look!

So, do you need a skate tool to assemble a skateboard? Yes, it will make your assembling easier.

Do you need to replace the wheels, adjust the screws, clean the bearings, fix the grip tape, or adjust the screw thread?

All you’ll need is a skate tool, the perfect equipment for regular maintenance and emergency repairs.

It’s a T or Y-shaped multipurpose, versatile tool with various sections that pop out to assist you in replacing, fixing, or assembling your skateboard.

It will assist you in repairing, replacing, or fine-tuning hardware pieces without returning home or going to the local skate store.

The many instruments required to accommodate the different parts of your skateboard are all included in high-quality tools.

The most helpful skate tools include:

  • A Phillips screwdriver head.
  • A bearing remover/press.
  • A grip tape file.
  • A detachable hex/Allen key.
  • A bottle opener.

So, what tools do you need to assemble a skateboard? Here are the main ones:

  • Skaters’ fully – featured tools typically come with many socket sizes such as 9/16 inches, 1/2 inches, or 3/8 inches and operate with the most popular models of skateboards.
  • The 1/2’’socket is for tightening or loosening wheels, whereas the 9/16’’ socket is for installing or replacing trucks. Finally, tightening your deck bolts is a breeze using the 3/8’’ socket.
  • A 5/16 inch self-aligning threader is available in premium tools, enabling you to rethread the axles if the nuts get loose.
  • A razor blade is to cut the side of the grip tape.
  • A screwdriver is used to adjust the screws.

do you need a skate tool to assemble a skateboard

How To Assemble A Skateboard?

It’s your first time building a skateboard? Follow step-by-step instructions to make your project easier.

Before you assemble your board, make sure you have all parts and tools in handy, including:

  • A deck
  • A grip tape
  • A pair of trucks
  • Two riser pads
  • Four spacers
  • Four wheels
  • Eight bearings
  • Eight bolts
  • 1/2’’socket
  • 3/8’’ socket
  • 9/16’’socket
  • A razor blade
  • A screwdriver

Step 1: Attach The Grip Tape To The Deck

Check to see if the tape will cover the board. Decks with a width of 8.5 inches or more pose a more significant challenge than those with fewer than 8.5 inches.

The usual grip should work, but you’ll need to be a little more careful.

Altogether remove the plastic sheet. Check for appropriate alignment by placing one edge on your nose.

Tap your grip tape gradually from the rear towards the front. Keep the other edge of your grip tape slanted and attempt to place your index finger on the deck’s end.

Scrape the sides using a screwdriver. It will assist you in making a good cut. Make a small cut on the side using a razor blade.

Make punctures in the holes in which the bolts will go. While rotating your screwdriver, flip the deck and gradually press the holes backward. Afterward, attaching the bolts will be much easier.

what tools do you need to build a skateboard

Attach the grip tape to the board

Step 2: Insert The Bolts

It’s time to drive the screws into the holes you created. If you haven’t already done so, now is the moment. Punch a hole, and nothing will go wrong.

Use a screwdriver to push the grip tape backward into the holes. You can use anything to pierce the holes if you don’t have a screwdriver on hand.

what tools do you need for a skateboard

Insert the bolts

Step 3: Attach The Riser Pads

Note: Skip this step if you do not have any riser pads.

When you’ve settled on the riser pads, be sure to acquire the proper length bolts. Simply ensure that your trucks are compatible.

Step 4: Attach The Trucks

Put the trucks on top of the bolts.

Use a screwdriver to lock the bolt while holding the nut on the other side.

Tighten the bolts using your index and thumb finger.

To ensure that the screws are secure, use your screwdriver and fasten the bolt on the grip edge.

Start rotating the nut with the skate tool. If you’re using a 1/2’’ socket wrench, tighten the nut before turning the screwdriver.

what tools do i need to build a skateboard

Attach the trucks

Step 5: Put The Spacers And Bearings On The Wheels.

Insert the first bearing in the wheel by gently pushing it in with your hands.

Add some pressure to the truck’s axles while mounting the bearing and wheel. Put extra force if necessary, but don’t go overboard.

Place the spacer on the axle by sliding it in.

Push hard with the thumbs when adding the next bearing.

Take out the wheel, rotate it, and reinstall it on the axle. Add pressure to the bearings until it snaps into place.

what tools do you need to set up a skateboard

Put the spacers and bearings in the wheels

Step 6: Attach The Wheels

Place the washers on the axle of the truck.

The spacers may shift about and obstruct the axle’s side when you mount the wheel.

Don’t worry! After a bit of wiggle, the ưheel will be in the correct position.

Place the washer outside.

Connect and lock the truck’s screw. The wheels might be spin even when you don’t put too much pressure on them.

That’s all done!

How Much Does a Skateboard Cost?

what tools do you need to put a skateboard together

Attach the wheels

Buying a complete skateboard is not expensive. It’s also a good idea to buy a professional-grade kit if you are a novice. A pre-assembled board is less costly and, in most cases, the best choice for beginner skaters.

A skateboard will cost between $120 and $150 to make on average. Of course, by purchasing the best of the top for every part, you can pay higher those prices.

This is the standard basic price for professional-quality components:

  • Trucks: $40 – $50
  • Deck: $40 – $80
  • Wheels: $20 – $35
  • Grip tape: $7 – $10
  • Bearings: $10 – $20
  • Hardware: $5 – $10

what tools do you need to assemble a skateboard

Essential parts

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What To Consider Before Buying A Skateboard?

Before purchasing your first skateboard, you should consider these things:

  • It’s best to go to a local skate shop to buy your board.
  • Skateboards come in various shapes and sizes, so choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Consider carefully between street and park wheels.
  • You should use your deck size to figure out what size truck you’ll need.
  • It’s better to buy the products at reliable brands such as Birdhouse, Powell Peralta, Real Skateboards, or Bones Wheels.
  • Graphics aren’t necessary.
  • Grip tape is essential.

what tools do you need to put together a skateboard

Buying guides

Wrapping Up

This article has eventually got to the bottom of your headache question: What tools do you need to build a skateboard?

Again, 1/2’’socket, 3/8’’ socket, 9/16’’ socket, a razor blade, and a screwdriver are the crucial tools to assemble a skateboard.

Besides, it would help to keep in mind the above considerations before buying your first board. Thanks for reading!

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