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Are Aluminum Trucks Good For Skateboarding? Break The Pros and cons!

A few drops of lemon juice in a bowl of milk can spoil it! The selection of the right truck is the same as this! A little bit of the wrong selection can spoil the whole ride!

However, trucks are sort of the axles that connect the wheels to the skateboard deck. These skateboard components are crucial and thus need a careful selection! The right truck setup can enhance the skating experience. This setting impacts the whole board’s stability, turning radius, riding experience, and how you feel on your board.

Now comes the truck type. If you are not a newbie in the skating world, you must know the variety of trucks that are available nowadays. Like titanium, steel, plastic, brass, nylon, and aluminum. Among these types, aluminum trucks are becoming popular nowadays. Though experienced skaters tend to avoid aluminum trucks, the question arises, are aluminum trucks good for skateboarding? Or are they just hype? 

Let’s dive in deep to break the controversy about the aluminum truck’s popularity. 

Are aluminum trucks good for skateboarding?

There is a mixed review regarding aluminum trucks. That means some say yes, they are good. Whereas others say no, they are not good! So what is the real scenario?  Why was this controversy created?

is aluminum trucks good for a skateboard

Truck Tech Triumph

Aluminum trucks are a popular choice for skateboards. They’re lightweight, durable, and softer. Yet they are not the best choice for all skateboard players. Some skaters do not like aluminum trucks. They complain that these trucks are less stable and offer less cushioning compared with other trucks. Whereas some say an aluminum truck is good because it is light in weight, others say an extra lightweight nature is not good as it gives a poor setup.

So, the expert opinion is that aluminum trucks are not the best option for skateboarding. No doubt, aluminum is a good material. The fact is, for skateboarding, you need the best materials, a more sturdy & rigid material. 

Steel, titanium, and carbon trucks are good for skateboarding.  Titanium trucks offer an excellent grind over any other trucks. 

Steel trucks are heavier, so they work well for uniform weight distribution. Unlike steel and aluminum trucks, carbon fiber-made trucks have high strength and low density. That’s why these trucks give perfect weight distribution over the deck. Lastly, there are the plastic trucks. Unlike other metal parts, plastics are lighter and longer-lasting. 

So riders, especially those who like to ride through more grinding and turning techniques, get more wear-resistant features on plastic trucks. 

You can get more data on every part of the skateboard trucks. Here are the link-parts of the skateboard trucks. Why am I suggesting details about all parts of the truck? It will help you to understand which materials in your truck are perfect for you.

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Pros of aluminum trucks

are aluminum trucks good for skateboard

Ride the Wave

The first advantage is their lightweight and soft properties. These materials are more durable. Therefore, despite regular usage, they provide less premature wear & tear. Aluminum-made anything can naturally withstand more abrasion.

Secondly, these materials are more responsive and contribute to increased agility, which makes it easier for skaters to perform various tricks and explore various terrains easily.

If you ride over dirt terrain, aluminum trucks will give you a smoother, longer ride compared with plastic or steel trucks. Aluminum always offers less fatigue in any place. Lastly, the price points As aluminum is more affordable, it is easily accessible to any kind of rider within an affordable budget range.

Cons of aluminum trucks

Some say aluminum trucks can transmit more vibrations; others say aluminum trucks transmit reduced vibrations.  Again, if you ride over salt or acidic terrain for too long, aluminum trucks will undergo corrosion automatically. So ultimately, it spoils the whole structural integrity and makes it a safety concern for the rider. Like you’re riding with one corroded truck, which, in the meantime, is broken into a few pieces. How would you feel then?

Weight distribution is a critical juncture that puts these trucks outside the reach of skateboard enthusiasts. If you compare this truck with plastic or steel-made trucks, aluminum trucks are so light in weight that riders most often feel uneasy. 

And riders do not feel that they are strongly on their feet over the board. In a word, aluminum trucks do not offer a good weight distribution for the rider, so riders do not feel easy or comfortable! 

Another con of such trucks are-they easily bend with high heat and force. For frequent usage, such trucks need to be replaced frequently, too. Besides this, after a long-term abrasion with ground friction, aluminum expands. Abrasion heating is responsible for such expansion. Anyway, when the board is cooled down-aluminum trucks never return to the original diameter. So it could create a severe problem for a stable and balanced ride on any terrain.

Why do some people choose aluminum trucks, while others do not?

is aluminum trucks good for a skateboard

Precision Carving Power

Usually, people’s preferences for skateboard trucks depend on several factors. Factors like the riding style, the terrain, and personal feel are the main ones here. So, few prefer aluminum,  as this material is lightweight, softer, and more durable. On the other hand, a few others might go for different materials for specific or different purposes. 

However, individual performance or characteristics are crucial. The final selection boils down to individual skating preferences. The real fact is, that every material has a few pros and cons. So it is up to you, which you’re going to tolerate, or which you’re excluded from the list!

What trucks should I choose for my skateboard?

So this is the last question that comes to every rider’s mind. The answer is, It depends! It depends on personal preferences and skating style. Steel trucks are durable and offer more stability. Aluminum trucks are lightweight and good for street skating. Finally, plastic trucks are on-the-go trucks for cruisers. They are lightweight, too. 

Now, consider your priorities in terms of weight distribution, comfort feel, durability, and the type of skating you enjoy. 

For a precise selection, buy something other than skateboards with aluminum trucks from online shops. An offline purchase in that case will allow you frequent trials with any type of truck.

However, the anatomy of a skateboard comes into this news-link. If you are curious, read about it.


Are independent trucks made from aluminum?

Yes, Independent Trucks, a popular skateboard truck brand, made trucks from aluminum. Their aluminum-made trucks are comparatively more durable. Thus these are the favorite versions for street and ramp skating.

Can you put any trucks on any skateboard?

If they match the board’s width! So, please check the truck width to match the deck width. A stable and good performance comes from the board if the deck and the truck match with each other. Additionally, skating terrain is a severe consideration, based on which you have to select the truck type.

Can skateboard trucks get rusty?

Yes, they can get rusty if they are made of steel. However,  regular maintenance, keeping them wet-free, and applying anti-rust solutions can prevent your trucks from getting rusty easily.


The debate around whether aluminum trucks are good for skateboards or not depends on a few factors.

Aluminum is now becoming a popular choice, but still, different materials offer different feel or comfort.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer! So let’s not make it a matter of controversy, rather than take it as a matter of personal preference!

Thank you for being connected with us so long!

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