Is Skateboarding Expensive? – A Worth Considering Question

When you have an interest in skateboarding, the first question you may wonder is: Is skateboarding expensive?. The skateboard is the main cost when you first enter this sport, and its price will be affected by various factors, from the features, and the design to other hidden costs when you ride a skateboard.

The following article will help you acquire a detailed knowledge of the skateboard price. Let’s dive right in!

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How Expensive Is A Good Skateboard?

Skateboard Deck Price

When it comes to a skateboard deck, the average price is above $50. The price can fluctuate according to the material, the size, and the design of the deck.

is skateboarding expensive

Skateboard Deck

Most decks are made of excellent maple wood, providing a stable and durable skateboard for your comfortable ride. Since this material can endure different weather conditions and high pressure when you perform a lot of tricks, it will cost you more than low-quality wood.

If you have a tight budget, go for the shortboard type with a blank deck. It is a better deal compared to the longboard model with a graphic design. The sophisticated design and complicated images on the skateboard will contribute to its high price.

Cost Of Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks vary greatly in regard to the price. You can have the cheapest deal for only under $20, and the most expensive truck can go up to more than $50. All the factors like the brand, the material, and the size will determine the price range of a board truck.

how expensive is a skateboard

Board Trucks

The difference between a cheap truck model and an expensive one can only be noticed by experiencing yourself. If you are an amateur, you will find it difficult to distinguish the two types.

It’s worth investing in a durable and sturdy skateboard truck since you can use it for a long time.

Cost Of Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheels come in a lot of models offering diverse shapes, sizes, colors, and price ranges as well. The cost of skateboard wheels varies from $10 to $50, allowing you to choose the most suitable wheels for your skateboard.

how expensive is a good skateboard

Colorful Wheels

Bear in mind that you receive what you pay for; that’s why it is a waste of money to buy cheap wheels and repair them regularly. Spend more money on the wheels once, and you can rely on their quality for a long skating time.

Cost Of Skateboard Bearings

You can find both choices of high-end and basic bearings ranging from $8 to $70 in price. The quality of bearings will be a major determinant of how fast and how expensive they are.

why is skateboarding so expensive

Skateboard Bearings

It is advisable to opt for bearings of great quality since they are small yet powerful components to determine your skateboarding performance. You don’t have to change the bearings too often if you know how to keep them clean every season.

Why Is Skateboarding So Expensive? Determining Factors


The popularity of the brand will somewhat influence your purchasing decision for a skateboard. When you are looking for a board, you are likely to consider the one with a famous brand name.

The reason is that a reputable brand is guaranteed by other skaters for its quality or service. That’s why skateboards from a trustable brand have a high price range to match with its luxurious image.

is skateboarding an expensive sport

Diverse Brands Of Skateboards


There are two main types of skateboards: the longboard and the shortboard. Each type has its own charming characteristics, and the features will directly affect its price.

Your final choice depends greatly on your set of skills and riding purpose. If you are a beginner, a shortboard will do you good thanks to its simple design and reasonable price. For professional skateboarding purposes, you will need a longboard with more functions, coming at a directly proportional higher price.

is skateboarding expensive

Different Types Of Skateboards


In most cases, the more expensive a skateboard is, the better quality it serves your needs.

how expensive is a skateboard

Check The Quality Of Your Skateboard

However, costly models do not always ensure the best performance of your skateboard. Some models with cheaper prices can be more durable than the expensive ones in the long run.

It is highly recommended to think carefully and make up your mind to bring home a board of the best quality at an affordable price.

Buying Location

This factor may sound unrelated to the cost of your skateboard; however, it also has a significant effect on your purchasing price.

For skateboard shops located on a busy main street, the price is much higher than stores in a small alley. It is understandable because stores on big streets have to pay for expensive rental fees, leading to the rise in the skateboard price.

how expensive is a good skateboard

Skateboard Store

Hidden Costs Of Skateboarding

Skatepark Fees

While most outdoor skateparks open free for anyone to come and skate there, some require an admission fee. You don’t have to worry about this issue since the skatepark fee is often at a very low cost, about $1 to $3.

why is skateboarding so expensive

Entrance Fees For Skatepark

Indoor skateparks are usually for business purposes. A skatepark run by a private owner costs you between $3 and $4 per visit. This is a reasonable price since you can skate comfortably inside a house with advanced techniques and diverse ramps.

Skateboarding Shoes

There is a wide range of shoes for you to choose from for your unforgettable skating experience. You can get a good pair of shoes from famous brands such as Adidas, Nike, Converse, etc., at a diverse range of prices based on your budget.

Normally, you will expect to purchase above $40 so that you can have high-quality shoes in return. It is advisable to choose suede material because it lasts longer than other materials and creates a cool look for you.

is skateboarding an expensive sport

Skating Shoes

The average time between your purchase of new shoes depends greatly on the intensity of your routine and your skateboarding condition. It would be best to buy shoes of premium quality if you skate every day and don’t want to change your shoes too often.

Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear is a must for your ultimately safe skateboarding journey. A set of protective pads includes a helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads.

The average amount you spend on a standard skateboard helmet falls somewhere between $40 and $50. Never risk buying cheaper helmets than this price range because they will not guarantee your head protection if you get into an unwanted accident.

is skateboarding expensive

Protective Gear For Skateboarding

When considering protective pads, you had better choose those with soft and thick foam to help protect you better. It will cost you around $10 to $20 for wrist guards and more than $30 for elbow pads. Remember that prevention is better than cure, and you should spend on excellent pads in the first place.

Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy A Skateboard?

If you want to know, “Is skateboarding an expensive sport?”, consider the two options: a complete skateboard and a custom one.

Most skateboarders agree that buying a skateboard is a cheaper option than building a custom one. The cost of each part will add up to a huge final price more than the cost of a skateboard as a whole.

A complete skateboard is ideal for your needs if you are a beginner. You don’t have to search for separate parts and build on your own, saving you a lot of time and money.

how expensive is a skateboard

Complete Skateboard

If you are a pro skater, a pre-built board may not live up to your expectations. That’s when you need to consider wisely both skateboarding choices for the optimal buying decision.


Is skateboarding expensive? The main cost of skateboarding comes from the board, along with other hidden costs. A skateboard’s price varies, depending on the quality of each component.

Skateboarding is a good way to keep fit and free your mind, so don’t let the price put you off the intention of learning to skate. There are many factors affecting the price of your skateboard, and all you need to do is choose wisely to own a wallet-friendly model.

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